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We are the leader of residential and commercial cleaning services in Great Montreal Area, Longueuil, South Shore, Laval, North Shore and Quebec city.

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It is quite unfortunate when you come home after a tiring and long hectic day, and you find no clean place to rest. Once you reach home and look at how your room stays messy and you have no energy to clean up your area. Everyone prefers the living or residential place to be clean and spotless. But need not to worry as Montreal cleaners offer special residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, office cleaning, cleaning lady, Montreal maids and housekeeping services just right for people who are busy with their jobs or are running any business and are unable to pay attention to their routine tasks. To consider this stuffy and hectic situation, the professionally trained team of the company offers you several domestic and commercial cleaning services which are given below throughout Montreal, North Shore, South Shore and Quebec city.

Cleaning Services offered by the company:

The facilities and cleaning services provided to customers by Montreal cleaners Company are as follows:

  • Office cleaning services
  • Maid services
  • Regular, daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning
  • Food points and restaurants cleaning
  • Residential cleaning facilities
  • Janitorial services
  • Industrial and commercial cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Montreal Maids
  • Spring cleaning
  • Coronavirus disinfected and sterilized
  • Green cleaning
  • House Cleaning
  • Apartment Cleaning
  • Condo Cleaning
  • Move In/Out Cleaning
  • Airbnb Cleaning
  • Detailed Cleaning
  • Post Renovation Cleaning
  • End Of Lease Cleaning
  • Gym and fitness centre cleaning
  • Buildings and school cleaning
  • Hourly cleaning services
  • On-time and urgent cleaning
  • Hospital and medical cleaning
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Pre and post-party cleaning

In case you are searching for an affordable and reliable cleaning service, then you can contact the company anytime.

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OUR residential and commercial CLEANING SERVICES

The best residential and commercial housekeeping in Montreal and Quebec

Residential Cleaning

Montreal Cleaners provides a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or deep cleaning service for your residence.

Commercial Cleaning

Our Montreal maids provides also commercial cleaning and office cleaning services


Why Choose Montreal cleaners ?

Hiring professional Montreal maids cleaners is quite costly for many people, but in most situations, the advantages are much more than the cost of these services. With Montreal cleaners, the professional cleaning company, you can rest assured that your house or office will be tip-top all the time, whether it is a party or an emergency. The best part is that you do not have to move a single muscle.

Here are a few more reasons to call us right now:

  • Free estimates over the phone
  • Competitive flat rates
  • Flexible slots including late nights, weekends and bank holidays
  • Fully trained and insured cleaners
  • Maid specific references available
  • Same maid on every visit
  • No minimum term contracts for residential cleaning
  • We use eco-friendly solutions
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • The best maid service in Montreal

Saves your time

Many people tend to work for many hours, and to find time for the general home cleaning is quite a challenge for them and also to keep the house and the cleaning equipment in proper condition. Some places are tough to refrain from getting stained and many tight areas to clean that require more attention. This is why you need a professional maid house cleaner to make you burden-free. Using special techniques and proper cleaning tools, the professional cleaners of the company will get your house in shape within minutes. Montreal cleaners cleaning company operates 24/7 and also offers express cleaning at any time of the day. As time remains the essential factor of the day, then hiring a professional cleaner is worth your money.


A healthy and safe work environment

Many people are concerned with health issues more than ever. There are commercial areas where the client requires and are interested in environmentally friendly services. The professional cleaning services for commercial areas Montreal cleaners’ offers are safer for the environment as green cleaning products are used so that the air remains toxins free, and the atmosphere is not filled with an aroma of cleaning products that might trigger many people working nearby. To take care of the fresh air is the principal responsibility made by the company.


Long term saving of costs

Maintaining the cleanliness of your office includes keeping desks, furniture, floors, shelves, and other places free from dirt, contaminants, and dust. The high-quality office cleaning services of Montreal cleaners help to avoid your carpets from becoming heavily damaged and stained, with deeply ingrained dirt, which can be solved only by replacing it with a new rug at a higher expense. By taking the company’s services, you can save long-term costs and secure significant savings.


Helps you cope with stress and fatigue

There are not many people who love to clean except for you being a professional cleaner. Without the use of the right equipment and tools, cleaning can be an entire of a challenging task and can become very energy-consuming. To spend hours to clean a room when you are just back from your tiring day can lead you to the worst consequences regarding your health. It can also increase your stress and fatigue as a cleaned house will be a relief. A professional Montreal maid cleaner is well aware of the valuable tips and tricks that not just saves your time but also consumes less energy to complete the job. The methods and tips help them to clean the house in less time than you cleaning it yourself. So while the cleaner is getting the job done, you can take care of your health and spend more of your time resting at home.


Good guest impression

You have a special occasion tonight, the house needs cleanup, and you just got home from a hectic day, what would you do now? Well, worry no more, hiring the professional cleaners of Montreal cleaners and let them prepare for your occasion and turn your house into a stylish one. A regular cleaning service helps you to avoid any embarrassing situation in case you receive any surprise visits from friends and family. It leaves a great impression on your guests and keeps you at ease.


What Actual Clients are Saying About us


Thank ­you so very much. I have never come home to such a beautiful looking house! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a cleaning company.


Bouchra and team did a thorough job cleaning and they were very efficient. Will definitely use again.




The quality of cleaning is excellent. We have used them for 4 years.They are efficient, professional, and affordable. House looks and smells great! Thank you Montreal Cleaners

Montreal Premium Residential House Cleaners 

How many of you guys are aware of the cleaning tactics? Indeed there are the majority of the people who feel and face difficulty during the time of cleaning stuff. I am saying this because before writing this article I have spends hours on the web and during the time of searching I noticed and realized that majority of the people aren’t that familiar about cleaning credentials.

So as by the name of the article, you guys are aware that my today’s article is all about cleaning effective tricks and tactics so than through this, you guys can improve and organize your cleaning credential.

Plan it first:

The first thing through which you can make your cleaning easy and reliable is planning. Make sure that you have planned it first that which thing you have to do first and which next. It doesn’t matter how messy your place is, if you start cleaning in a planning way then without any asking your things will automatically go well instead of any fuss, hurdle, or tension.

Check your essentials:

The next thing which you have to check before cleaning is the essentials. Like, make sure you have checked all detergents and cleaning products and accessories before starting cleaning.

As most of the time, people forget or take this trick light, and then at the time or day of cleaning they start facing issues and difficulties.

So instead of facing problems and any delay, you should make sure and check that you have your all cleaning credentials and accessories.

Additionally, doing this little effort saves time and makes your cleaning effective without any asking.

Utilize advance machines:

Another effective way or you can say trick, through which you can make your cleaning more flexible and effective is to pick or consider the advanced machine cleaning tactics instead of hand and manual way.

Like considering the vacuum is better than a broom and helps you out to make your place clean and spotless effectively.

So try to consider and stay up to date with the machine cleaning things so than through this, you can save your time and make your cleaning advance and friendly.

Divide your cleaning days:

The next trick to make your cleaning easy and effective is considering a divide trick. See dividing means that you are making your cleaning reliable for you. apart from the effective cleaning, when you divide your cleaning into days so it also helps you out and make your cleaning more accurate and furnish.

Rest, doing the entire deep cleaning in a day means, you will not get the 100 percent effective and spotless results plus, it also makes you feel tired and overburden.

So, try to divide the days and then clean your place accordingly.

Final Words:

Hope reading the above-mentioned tricks help you out during the time of cleaning. Despite this, if you are in Montreal, Laval, and even Longueuil and search of any professional cleaning services along with a trained and experienced staff then I highly recommend you to consider

Either it’s for a deep cleaning, moving in cleaning or moving out cleaning or on a regular basis, daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis or housemaids or common area cleaning for apartment buildings, regular shared places cleaning, end of tenancy, after construction cleaning services, commercial offices, Floor Stripping and Waxing, Hotel, Motel & Airbnb Cleaning, medical/dental facilities, restaurants, cpe / daycares cleaning, Healthcare, Dental and Medical Office Cleaning, fitness / gym cleaning, Apartment & Condo Building Cleaning  deep spring clean and spring cleaning services you are at the right place. Our housemaids are highly trained to deliver excellent residential cleaning services throughout The Great Montreal. 

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